Grunlan focus of New York Times article

Grunlan focus of New York Times article

The Polymer NanoComposites lab, lead by materials scientist Professor Jaime C. Grunlan, focuses on three main projects:

  1. Gas permeability of nanostructured thin films
  2. Flame retardant coatings for foam and fabric
  3. Thermoelectric polymer nanocomposites

Outside of the PNC lab, Professor Grunlan actively works to keep higher education a priority in the State of Texas, standing firm on his beliefs that “terrific, well-prepared students” are the product of an institution that pairs quality education with cost.

Grunlan + MMT _ D215
Prof. Jaime Grunlan, known for his work with flame-resistant materials, challenged the regents of the Texas A&M System.

Texas A&M University System had implemented controversial changes proposed by a conservative research group [that] repeatedly insinuated that such changes were necessary because professors at the state’s flagship universities, A&M and University of Texas at Austin, were not productive enough.

At a regents meeting in May, Professor Grunlan told the A&M board what many of his colleagues were saying. “They’re trashing us, and there’s no response from the regents, from the president,” he said. “The lack of anything is deafening and suggests support of the attacks.”

His speech on YouTube has been viewed nearly 11,000 times.

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