Large-scale exfoliation of inorganic layered compounds in aqueous surfactant solutions

A method to exfoliate MoS2 in large quantities in surfactant-water solutions is described. The layered material tends to be exfoliated as dispersions of thin, relatively defect-free flakes with lateral sizes of hundreds of nanometers. This method can be extended to a range of other layered compounds. The dispersed flakes can be mixed with nanotubes or graphene to greate functional hybrid materials.

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Smith, RJ; King, PJ; Lotya, M; Wirtz, C; Khan, U; De, S; O'Niell, A; Duesberg, GS; Grunlan, JC; Moriarty, G; Chen, J; Wang, JZ; Minett, AI; Nicolosi, V; Coleman, JN; Adv. Mater;  201123 (34), 3944-3948.
Published in Advanced Materials 2011