Micropatterning and impedance characterization of an electrically percolating layer-by-layer assembly

Micropatterned layer-by-layer (LbL) assemblies were studied as a potential platform for sensor applications by performing impedance characterization throughout a range of electrolyte concentrations. Conductive LbL thin films were prepared with carbon black nanoparticles dispersed in the polymer matrix to provide an electrically conductive network. LbL assemblies were micropatterned using a photolithographic lift-off method, and a test circuit was constructed as multiple interdigitating coplanar electrodes. Impedance spectra were collected between 104 and 106 Hz within a flow cell containing NaCl solutions ranging from 0.001–1.0 M. These preliminary results demonstrate the ability to pattern conductive LbL composites and underscore the potential utility and shortcomings of their use in sensor applications.

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Everett, WN;  Jan, CJ; Sue, HJ; Grunlan, JC; Electroanalysis200719 (9), 964-972.
Published in Electroanalysis 2007