Nanobrick Wall Multilayer Thin Films with High Dielectric Breakdown Strength

Current thermally conductive and electrically insulating insulation systems are struggling to meet the needs of modern electronics due to increasing heat generation and power densities. Little research has focused on creating insulation systems that excel at both dissipating heat and withstanding high voltages (i.e., have both high thermal conductivity and a high breakdown strength). Herein, a polyelectrolyte-based multilayer nanocomposite is demonstrated to be a thermally conductive high-voltage insulation. Through inclusion of both boehmite and vermiculite clay, the breakdown strength of the nanocomposite was increased by ≈115%. It was also found that this unique nanocomposite has an increase in its breakdown strength, modulus, and hydrophobicity when exposed to elevated temperatures. This readily scalable insulation exhibits a remarkable combination of breakdown strength (250 kV/mm) and thermal conductivity (0.16 W m–1 K–1) for a polyelectrolyte-based nanocomposite. This dual clay insulation is a step toward meeting the needs of the next generation of high-performance insulation systems.

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E. T. Iverson, H. Lengendre, S. V. Chavan, A. Aryal, M. Signh, S. Chakravarty, K. Schmieg, H. C. Chiang, P. J. Shamberger, A. Karim, J. C. Grunlan, ACS Applied Engineering Materials, 2023, 1, 2429-2439.