Monodisperse latex with variable glass transition temperature and particle size for use as matrix starting material for conductive polymer composites

A series of surfactant-free monodisperse latices were prepared with varying glass transition temperatures (Tg) and particle sizes using methyl methacrylate (MMA) and butyl acrylate (BA) monomers. Latices withTgs between −11 and 105°C were synthesized by varying the MMA to BA ratio during batch polymerization. The particle size of latices with a Tg of 19°C was varied by independently changing temperature, initiator concentration and ionic strength of the aqueous reaction medium. These latices provide a model matrix starting material for carbon black-filled electrically conductive polymer composites. When latex with a number average particle diameter (Dn) of 930 nm is substituted for a solution-based polymer the percolation threshold of the final conductive composite drops from 14.5 to 1.45 vol% carbon black.

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J. C. Grunlan, Y. Ma, M. A. Grunlan, L.F. Francis, Polymer 200142 (16), 6913-6921.
Published in Polymer 2001